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Nasza AGENCJA EVENTOWA zajmuje się profesjonalnym przygotowaniem oraz organizacją imprez integracyjnych. Dbamy o każdy pozytywny aspekt i szczegół takiego wydarzenia, by każda chwila była dla Was czymś niecodziennym i niezapomnianym. Imprezy integracyjne dla firm - nasza pasja a Wasza  radość. Zachce Ci się siatki na plaży Bora-Bobra - nie ma sprawy. Sporty ekstremalne, wyścigi Quadów, kursy żeglarskie, wspinaczka... Co tylko zechcesz. Zorganizujemy to dla Ciebie!


MTE Project was found in 1988 and it was created from the passion for journeys, life-saving and our friendship. During the years of common ventures, expeditions (like reaching the Seven Summits in one season) we’ve reached the most distant recess of the world. We elaborated common field of communication, we’ve learnt how to cooperate with each other and gained new network of contacts what contributed to creating MTE Project.

After all those years of fruitful activity on the field of trainings and events we have created MTE Agency as the integral part of MTE. It’s obvious that our offer of team building, integration and trainings wouldn’t be so much satisfying if we didn’t face the same task before on the field of our own team and create great functioning, reliable and trustworthy team of employees. Today we cooperate with wide group of professionals – psychologists. HR, marketing and entertainment specialists – all those who works through companies’ image  and train the professional staff. We keep expanded our horizons and enriched our offer through fresh, innovative projects and challenges. We also pay attention to build long relation with our clients.

When we take our clients to the mountains our professional staff (mountain rescuer, medical lifeguards) takes care about their safety. Each time we provide adequate equipment and access to the place of the event. We do not manifold the old scheme. We treat each project individually with attention to each detail.

„ (...) Outdoor with More Than Explore was exactly what the company promised – it was much more than checking ourselves in new situations”.
Towarzystwo Edukacji Bankowej S.A. (TEB Education Corporation)

“ (…) It was such a great fun for all our department. We got a chance to try some sports we haven’t tried before”
BOSH Poland

„(...) During the Championship MTE Agency fulfilled all tasks perfectly what proves how well organized they are”

“(…) You have created unique atmosphere and you succeded to convince our employees that such a picnic events may be very interesting”.

Atmosphere of friendship
“(…) you made your duties with great involvement and still being able to keep the atmosphere of joy, fun and relax”,

“(…) Trip organizers provided maximum of experiences and feelings taking care about our safety at the same time”.
Towarzystwo Edukacji Bankowej S.A. (TEB Education Corporation)

“(…) We are impress on your professionalism, involvement and patience which you prove taking care about our safety.


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